We produce many different types of machines which range from Tray fillers, Seeding machines and Transplanters to Boom irrigators.


Via Palù 19/b – 31026 Sarmede (TV) – ITALIA

Destacker DPE

Special destacker designed for handing heavy plastic trays. Ideal to line up with an infeed belt. The electric system gently lays the stack of trays on top of the conveyor, then the grippers raise the stack by releasing a tray on transport belt.
Machine that can be combined directly with any sowing or transplanting line.

Technical data

Maximum trays size

  • 600x400x130 mm

Installed power

  • 0,8kW

Air consumption

  • from 100 up to 150 L/min


  • 200 kg ca.


   Infeed belt for empty trays  NP