We produce many different types of machines which range from Tray fillers, Seeding machines and Transplanters to Boom irrigators.


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Washing Line LC 1

Completely built in stainless steel, suitable to wash and disinfect all type of trays made in polystyrene, hard plastic and thermoformed light plastic.
Trays are processed in horizontal and all controls are positioned in a stainless steel, water proof control board. Water is continuously filtered and recycled, replaced every 6 hours working approx. (depending form how dirty are the trays). The line is in modular construction so that it is possible to supply just the basic washing unit as well a partial or full optional line, according the requested level of automation.

Technical data

Maximum trays dimension

  • 700x600x150 mm


  • from 200 up to 600 trays/hour

Installed power

  • 9kW 400V 3PH+N+E 50Hz

Air consumption

  • from 50 up to 100 L/min


   Automatic system to unload stacks trays SSP

   Stainless steel exit roller RI

   Shaker for polystyrene trays

   2 rotating brushes for cleaning crates

   Second external vertical filter

Treatment system with tank and recycle pump, stainless exit roller RI and Automatic system to unload stacks trays SSP