We produce many different types of machines which range from Tray fillers, Seeding machines and Transplanters to Boom irrigators.


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Sowing Line LR 1200

High capacity seedling line based on the drum seeder LR1200 equipped with electronic control of the transport belt speed independently from the sowing drum speed.
All the main working adjustments of the line are controlled from the central touch-screen display. The special software installed allows the storage of seeding recipes for an immediate and synchronized control of the filling speed with the seeding speed, the vacuum pump according he type of seed seeding speed.

Technical data

Maximum trays dimension

  • 700x480x180 mm


  • from 200 up to 1.200 trays/hour

Hopper capacity

  • 700 L

Installed power

  • 9,5kW 400V 3PH+N+E 50Hz

Air consumption

  • from 50 up to 100 L/min


  • 2.730 kg ca.


   Peat covering belt GRTS

   Destacker for thermoformed trays DC500

   transversal trays version 400×540 max

   Hopper capacity 1000/2000 L


   Plate dibbler LRGP

   Drum seeder LRGD

   4 Blowing bars LRGS

   Destacker for injection trays DPE

   Infeed belt for empty trays NP

Infeed belt for empty trays NP

Destacker for injection trays DPE

Plate dibbler LRGP

4 Blowing bars LRGS

Drum seeder LRGD