We produce many different types of machines which range from Tray fillers, Seeding machines and Transplanters to Boom irrigators.


Via Palù 19/b – 31026 Sarmede (TV) – ITALIA

Manual transplanter NR

Belt of different lengths equipped with a dibbling plate (fix or rotating) which makes easier transplanting and increasing of production capacity.
The advance speed of the trays can be controlled electronically. The number of work stations depends on the length of the belt. It is possible to work with many types of trays substituting the dibbling plate.

Technical data

Maximum trays dimension

  • 600x400x130mm

Belt length

  • from 2,3 up to 6,3 m

Work stations

  • from 1 to 5

Production capacity

  • from 130 up to 500 trays/hour

Installed power

  • 0,9kW 230V 1PH 50 Hz

Air consumption

  • from 20 up to 50 L/min


  • 280 kg ca.


   Fix plate dibbler PF

   Rotating plate dibbler PFR

   Tray holder PC1