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Conveyor belt NT

Modular system of belts in aluminium profile, simple, and easy to transport pots or trays. Each module is self-.driven and available in various lengths.
The frame holds a belt tension equalizer.
The fixed-speed belt is provided complete with support leg and connection wire.
The speed control can be supplied on demand.

Technical data

Pots dimension

  • from 10 up to 22 cm

Belt length

  • from 1 up to 6 m

Belt width

  • 180 mm

Belt speed

  • 10 m/min ca.

Installed power

  • 0,18kW 400V 3PH+E 50Hz


  • 42 kg ca.

Download Area


–   Starting leg GSI

   Pots distance adjustment RV1

   Manual forks to load/unload pots FORCHE

   Electrical panel QSS

   Stop end switch sensor QSF

   Mechanical or electronically speed variator


   90° pots diverter CV90

   90° pots diverter through belt CC1

   90° trays diverter through belt CC2