We produce many different types of machines which range from Tray fillers, Seeding machines and Transplanters to Boom irrigators.


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Tray Filler RC2-TR3

Machine for filling polystyrene and plastic trays, pots completely inside shuttle trays. The machine holds a system of sensors of minimum/maximum level to load the peat into compactor automatically.
By means of the mechanical adjustment of transport belt speed, of compaction rotor and vibrator, it is possible to regulate the desired density of filling.

Technical data

Maximum trays dimension

  • 600x400x130 mm


  • up to 600 trays/hour

Hopper capacity

  • 700 L

Installad power

  • 2,3kW 400V 3PH+N+E 50Hz


  • 470 kg ca.


   Trays dimension 700×480 RC73

   Hopper capacity 1000 L TR4

   Hopper capacity opposite side 700 L TR5C

   Hopper capacity opposite side 1800 L TR5


   Destacker for polystyrene trays DC2R

   Destacker for thermoformed trays DC500

   Destacker for injection trays DP

   Infeed belt for empty trays  NP

   Rulliera inox accumulo seminiere RI

Destacker for polystyrene trays 700x480x130mm DC2L

Destacker for polystyrene trays 600x400x130mm DC2R

Destacker for thermoformed trays DC500