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Transplanter TP-MT

Electronic transplanting machine to transplant into pots or trays. The machine can be equipped with max 10 self-driven double-movement fingers for a homogeneous transplanting. Fingers group operates parallel to the belt working direction. The easy and quick adjustments enable this machine to be quickly adapted to all types of donor trays and all pots in transplanting while guided into a pot dispenser.
Whatever is the pattern combinations of the trays to work with, the special software always allows the total emptying of the plants from the donor trays. Settings like: working speed, pick up and transplanting depth, plants height, side way pick up, etc., are easily settable without machine stop, directly from the control panel provided of colour touch screen display.
The transplanting machine can be connected to a trayfiller or potting machine.

Technical data

Maximum trays size in pick-up

  • 700x500x130 mm

Maximum pots size in destination 1 row

  • 19 cm

Maximum pots size in destination 2 rows

  • 14 cm

Transplanting capacity

  • up to1200 plants/hour each  finger

Number of fingers

  • from 3 up to 10

Installed power

  • 2 kW 400V 3PH+N+E 50Hz

Air consumption

  • from 50 up to 120 L/min


  • 900 kg ca.


  Finger for big cell

  Transplanting speed 6000 plants/hour in single pots


  Pot collector

  Trays guides